Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lake Como, Switzerland & My 21st!

Finding time to write this week was impossible! Between birthday festivities and schoolwork I'm finally able to catch up on some me-time.  A bunch of people have been asking about my Switzerland trip so even though its a whole week later- I'll briefly fill you all in!

Lake Como

We left on Saturday at 6 am to depart for Lake Como.  We were able to walk around the lake-- such incredible views! No sightings of Clooney though. After we walked around Como we took a ferry ride to the town of Bellagio. It was the most quaint little picturesque Italian town you could imagine! There were beautiful flower gardens everywhere and even the flowers outside of the restaurants matched the restaurant's decor.

After leaving Bellagio, it took about two hours to reach the Switzerland border. I try not to consider the stereotypical characteristics of a particular place before I visit so I'm able to be unbiased in my opinion-- however, as soon as we entered this beautiful country everything was exactly how I would have imagined and hoped it would be in terms of appearance! When I imagine Switzerland I picture almost exactly what I was able to see with my own eyes. White mountains, green grass, wood chalets and chocolate shops! I was pleasantly surprised though by 1.) how friendly the people were 2.) how clean, calm, and quiet the country was. During our ride to St. Moritz we passed several beautiful lakes, waterfalls, streams, and of course the Alps. The feeling you get when you arrive in a place like this is hard to put into words-- but i'm positive I wasn't the only one who experienced this feeling as many said it was their favorite trip so far.

When we arrived at Hotel Sonne in St. Moritz Saturday night it was 40 degrees! A big change in temperature from the mountains in Southern Italy I experienced the previous weekend. We ate dinner in the hotel- a delicious 4 course meal. My favorite was the chicken and gravy with french fries!

Lake of St. Moritz with the city in the background
Considering the towns throughout most of Switzerland are in between the valleys of the Alps and among the slopes, they're fairly small due to this location. On Sunday Morning we began our walking tour through the town and around the Lake of St. Moritz. During our tour it felt as if the city was sleeping, we may have seen only 15 or so locals walking around. It was a nice change from the hustle and bustle and tourists in Florence. We stopped at a chocolate shop where of course I splurged a little!

Swiss Chocolate
After the walking tour we took a 3 hr train ride on the Bernina Express through the Alps. Throughout the entire ride there were stunning views of the mountains and the towns surrounding them! I think I took about 200 pictures just during this portion of the trip-- a little excessive I know! We finally then arrived in Italy and took a bus ride back to Florence. I hope to be able to go back to Switzerland one day or even again during my stay here. Everything about the beautiful country felt so relaxing, humble and refreshing!

The Big 2-1!

My loves on my 21st! (Kirsten, me, Courtney)
Tuesday the 24th was my twenty-first birthday here in Florence! What a great place to celebrate a birthday. On the morning of I received a flower delivery from my wonderful family! The fact that my mother called Italy to find a place that would deliver flowers to me just proves how blessed I am! After class my roommates, neighbors and other friends from LdM went to a restaurant called Dante's. It is a must-go place to visit in Florence as a student because they give you free unlimited wine and limoncello shots! It was a perfect place to celebrate a birthday- and the food was delicious! Also, an actor from the show on MTV "Awkward" was there and sang me happy birthday! We were all feeling good to say the least when leaving after quite a few empty bottles. I'm so lucky to have met some great friends during this experience who helped make my birthday special while being away from home! I couldn't have asked for a better day!


  1. Felice Buon Compleanno XXI my Regan Elizabeth!!! What a fabulous place to be to turn 21 - and so happy you've met such great friends to celebrate with! Now you're "legal" anywhere in the world - thank God! =) Lake Como and St. Moritz look cosi' cosi' bella - and the Alps are just stunning!!! Too bad you didn't bump into George Clooney - LOL! Fellow bloggers - Regan told me that their tour guide in St. Moritz was actually born and raised there - he told the group that he used to sled down the slopes to go to school every day - what a fabulous life in such a beautiful place! :) Well, yet another fabulous trip - and I'm sure you're looking forward to Rome next weekend! Like I just told your Godmother, Auntie Brenda, there's no moss growing under those feet - just calluses!! Hahahahaha!!! Ciao mia bella =)

  2. Regie - Just AWESOME and SPECTACULAR!!!!I thoroughly enjoying your narratives and fabulous pictures. They look like postcards..Can't wait to see all 200 when you get home. Your writing and descriptions of all that you have seen leave me amazed. What a terrific way to garner an education. Keep the blog going, as we all look forward to reading it. I have tried to leave comments several times, but don't think I am doing it properly. Hope you get this one...Miss and love you, Gram xo