Friday, September 6, 2013

Scuola di Lorenzo de' Medici

This past Monday we began our first week of classes at Lorenzo de' Medici. After the initial stress of finding how to get to each of my classrooms scattered throughout Florence, I now feel more comfortable as I'm developing a routine. I am currently enrolled in two psychology courses, an intro to filmmaking course, an Italian language course, and a wine tasting course. Out of these 5 classes only two of my professors speak fluent English. I expect it will be difficult to attempt to listen and understand their lectures accompanied by a very strong Italian accent while also taking notes-- especially in wine tasting after a few glasses!
My "Psychology of Crime" classroom

I'm most excited about my filmmaking class in which we will be making a short film shot around Florence. My wine tasting class is also a wealth of information as I already learned on the first day what characteristics make a good Barolo and Dolcetto red wine! My favorite was the sparkling Moscato D'asti Spumente of course. Delizioso!

Adjusting to attending a school in a different country has definitely been a process. Unlike HPU, LdM doesn't hold your hand each step of the way. While it is exhilarating having this freedom, it also requires a great deal of responsibility and independence. Studying abroad certainly allows you to explore your strengths and weaknesses as an individual. So far it has been an amazing experience that allows me to feel even more comfortable as an independent adult.
While this week has been focused primarily on classes, getting books, grocery shopping and such I don't have very much exciting news to share! Instead I'll entertain your eyes with a few pictures from this past week/end including a visit to Piazza Michelangelo and a "welcome LdM student dinner" at the Palazzo Borghese.
Tomorrow we plan to visit Fiesole located in the countryside of Florence and Sunday I will visit Cinque Terre on the western coast of Italy! Stay tuned for more about those excursions. Ciao for now!

The view from Piazza Michelangelo
The best gnocchi I'd had so far in Florence!
Piazza dei Pitti
The girls of Via Delle Ruote- @ Palazzo Borghese

Palazza Borghese


  1. Don't forget to go to church! Not only will you see some amazing architecture but hopefully meet a nice boy...not the kind that wants to be a priest, just a nice boy!

    Aunt B

    1. Auntie- I'm very eager to get to mass! I'll be sure to post pictures as soon as I do!

  2. Ah, you smarty pants! I didn't even think about taking photos of my classrooms!

  3. Wow Regan - the views overlooking the city from the Piazza del Michelangelo are magnifico!! Make sure you bring home your Vino Italiano book - hahaha! Multa Bene!!! =)

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  5. Hi Regan! I'm enjoying learning about & experiencing Italy through your eyes!! Stunning.
    WOW! A "wine tasting course?!" I bet the homework goes down easy - hahaha!
    Study hard & be safe. :)