Wednesday, December 4, 2013

All good things...

..must, unfortunately come to an end. First, I can't believe we are down to 10 days left in Italy. It's amazing how quickly time flies. I've really been slacking with my blog posts due to a change in pace in the second half of my semester . Looking back at my posts from the first 10 weeks here, almost every weekend I was travelling somewhere. Ten weeks of classes Monday-Thursday, then packing, travelling, alot of sleeping on buses, walking tours, photoshoots etc., then loads of laundry, blog posting and picture-uploading. A continous pattern. SO many memories and experiences that I am beyond thankful for. For the past 3 weeks though I've taken a break from travelling to enjoy my time in Florence. I don't have a schedule or any trips planned. My calender is empty yet I've never felt so busy because everyday there's something new I want to do. After weeks of trying to learn my way around the city, adapting to every-day life here, I have acquired this feeling as if I've lived here for years. Sadly, four months is just enough time to adapt, and then to say goodbye. But realistically, I've basically been on a four month vacation, who would ever want an experience like this to end? It doesn't mean I don't miss my family & friends and life back in America, but this journey has just been too good to be true.
Sunset over Florence from my apartment
So what have I been doing for the past few weeks exactly? After my last trip to Greece, which took a lot of out of me, Mom and Britt came to visit! It was so nice to see my family after so long!! We went on a day trip to San Giminagno and Chianti for wine tasting and horseback riding. One of my favorite days during my entire time abroad so far! Our tour guide Isam, could not have been more fun! We felt like he was part of our family by the end of the day. That Saturday, we went on a day trip to Venice. Such a beautiful and very unique city! We lucked out with great weather and no floods. The rest of the weekend I showed them my favorite parts of Firenze. It was so nice to share with my family what I have seen and done, and I was so happy they were able to see for themselves what this beautiful country is like.

Mom & Isam!

Trenchard girls in Venice!

The rest of my time has been spent exploring new places and meeting new people in Florence. As I am writing with just 10 days left in this city I have a list of about 20+ things I still wish to do before I leave. The amount of things to do here are endless. I've also really been focusing on practicing Italian. It's amazing how much easier it is to learn a language while you're living in a country where they speak it. I took spanish for 6 years and still can't put a sentence together. I've taken Italian for 4 months and I can usually understand people's conversations as I'm eavesdropping on the street. It's a great accomplishment.

Throughout the city they are beginning to put up Christmas decorations in preparation for the holidays. There are christmas lights strung down almost every street in the center of the city. It's magical! The Christmas markets have opened in the Santa Croce area and they are putting a giant tree in Piazza del Duomo! Every store window has greens and traditional decorations. They do not mess around here in that department!

For the rest of my time here I plan on squeezing in a day trip or two, a few historical stops around Florence, shopping and spending time with the great people I've met here. If we ever do get to come back to Florence again in the future, it will never be exactly the same. So I'm cherishing the last few days with my friends, going to our favorite restaurants and staying out an extra hour or two each night. Every single person I've met while abroad has taught me so much about life and about myself. I'm always terrible at saying goodbye-- I know December 14th will be an especially sad day here in Florence. But….America watch out, I'm coming home!


  1. Wow Reg - countdown to your return to America - YEAH!!!!! I feel like you've been gone for a year ;/ Your first blog post made me cry - and this one (which may be your last) also made me cry … joyful tears!! Thank you for being such a gracious hostess for Britt and me - our visit was so, so fantastico - we didn't even want to leave!!! And, it amazes me how well you know the city - and the people - you have definitely immersed yourself in the Italian culture - and have made such wonderful friendships! Firenze will always be your 'home away from home' after such a tremendous life experience! But, it's now time to return to America!!! Your family and friends - and Sundance Redford, really miss you :) :) :) As your mommy, I am soooo thrilled that you had this extraordinary opportunity - but I cannot wait to hug my baby … =) See you in Boston on Saturday!!!! Love you darlin' - Buon Natale!

  2. What a fabulous 4 months!!!! It certainly flew by.....look forward to seeing you next travels.....miss and love you...gram xo

  3. Well, at least you'll have the memories and the pictures. And you'll probably carry a huge chunk of the place's feelings to your chest, which is always a nice thing to have. Hope you won't be weighed down though by the process of carrying your stuff back to where you were, and miss a thing or two along the way. But rest assured, in that regard, you'll pull through.

    Dave @ Orbit